testosterone cypionate dosage

Testosterone cypionate dosage refers to the alpha2-adrenoceptor agonists, provides a rapid, pronounced and prolonged vasoconstrictor action against the vessels of the mucous membrane of the nasal cavity (reduces swelling, hyperemia, exudation). Facilitates nasal breathing in rhinitis. After 5-7 days, there is tolerance. Selective blocker of H1-histamine receptors, has anti-allergic, anti-edema and protivoekssudativnoe action.

When applied topically reduced edema of the nasal mucosa and vasoconstriction occurs within 10 minutes and persisted for 2-6 hours.

When applied topically absorbed into the systemic circulation through the nasal mucosa. Data on the distribution, metabolism and elimination.

The  indicated for the treatment of acute rhinitis, particularly allergic etiology; rhinorrhea.

: Hypersensitivity to the drug; hypertension, marked atherosclerosis, hyperthyroidism, age under 16 years, pregnancy, lactation, chronic atrophic rhinitis, diabetes mellitus; tachycardia; concomitant use of monoamine oxidase inhibitors testosterone cypionate dosage, and up to 14 days after the end of their application.

pheochromocytoma, concomitant treatment with drugs that increase blood pressure, the use of means of inhalation anesthesia, which increase myocardial sensitivity to sympathomimetic drugs, including halothane, bronchial asthma, prostate hyperplasia, ischemic heart disease (angina).

Pregnancy and lactation
The drug-Sanorin Analergin should not be applied to pregnant women and nursing mothers. In case of pregnancy, the drug should be discontinued, if taking the drug during lactation, breast-feeding should be discontinued for the duration of treatment with Sanorin-Analergin.

Dosage and administration Adults and children over 16 years 2-3 drops in each nostril 3-4 times a day. Use short, no more than 1 week, then take a break for a few days.

Side effects:
At recommended doses, the drug is generally well tolerated. In rare cases, there may come side effects like nausea, tachycardia, headache, irritation, allergic reactions, rash, increased blood pressure, reactive hyperemia, swelling of the nasal mucosa, local irritation. With long-term and frequent use of more than 1 week, – swelling and atrophy of the mucosa of the nasal cavity.

If overdose as a result of systemic effects may occur nervousness, decrease in body temperature, lethargy, drowsiness, bradycardia, sweating, increased blood pressure, which can be replaced by a decrease in blood pressure. Treatment: symptomatic.

Interaction with other drugs
naphazoline mestnoanesteziruyuschih slows down the absorption of drugs (extend their action during surface anesthesia).

Inhibitors increase the risk of severe hypertension (catecholamine release deposited under the influence nafazolina) antazoline slow metabolism in the liver – strengthening action.

Special instructions
may provide resorptive effect.

With prolonged use of the severity of the vasoconstrictor action is gradually reduced (the phenomenon of tachyphylaxis) may develop swelling of the mucous membrane of the nasal cavity with subsequent atrophy, in this connection, it is testosterone cypionate dosage recommended after 5-7 days of treatment make a break for a few days.

Product Form
Nasal drops.
For the preparation in 10 ml glass vials of brown glass equipped with a rubber pipette SANO polyethylene with a lid and label. Each bottle is placed in a cardboard box with instructions for use.